Thank you for visiting the Canandaigua Lake Boathouse Project! This site was created to serve as a photo journal and a living social diary about the historical boathouses located on Canandaigua's Pier. Visit often, as we will be adding video, historical photos, news articles, interviews with current boathouse owners, interior shots and more! Have an old pier photo or story that you want to include? Just contact us...we'll make room!

Satellite Image #3 (©Google) Painting by Roy B. Murdough Electric Box On Boathouse #6, Pier #2 Buoy Decorations on Boathouse #24, Pier #2 Photo by Amy Argona Painting by Andrea L. Petitto Photo by R. Catherine Smith Painting by Cindy Harris Photo by Amy Argona Caked Green Paint On #16, Pier #2 The Channel Between Piers 2 & 3 Looking Northwest The Channel Between Piers 2 & 3 Looking Southwest Satellite Image #1 (©Google) Woods' & Johnson's Place End of Pier #3 Satellite Image #2 (©MSN) Overlooking Squaw Island Yellow Boathouse #24 on Pier #2 Need To Vent Woods' Place Dusk Big Pontoon Vintage Boathouse Tour Reflect

The Canandaigua City Pier may be best described as the place where Main Street meets the water in Canandaigua. The City Pier has been serving boaters, fishermen, and sightseers for over 150 years. Around eighty Historic Boathouses are situated on three fingers on the west side of the pier. Their history takes them from Steamboats, to Railroads, to near demolition to historic designation protection. Today these functional boathouses are among the most photographed spots in Canandaigua.